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SOLD: MZ-RH10 For Sale

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Spinning Gears

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Hi all, I rarely post but I finally got an RH-1 to be compatible with my mac and want to sell off my MZ-RH10. I have about 10 Hi-MDs and 30 or so assorted color regular MDs to throw in with it. It comes with the charger, battery caddy and standard US headphone remote and ear buds. If you are interested. Please email me at john at johnkhan dot com with an offer. The unit has been used very little and is in pristine shape. I also have a Sony canvas case that goes along with it for protection.

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thxs 4quick reply ... may I ask how much they sell for used in good cond.

I sold mine for $130 US including shipping. But I was looking to unload it so someone else could get use out of it. It was just not being used as I am a Mac User and need the RH-1. So I'm sure that was a great deal. I later received offers up to $200 so probably somewhere in that range.

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