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We have all seen the slow demise of an excellent piece of technology from Sony. We all have a soft spot for MD and Hi MD for the reasons which have been often stated on these forums.

What sometimes happens in a case like this is that the user-base takes back control of the parts of the technology which would be most beneficial. I do not mean try and manufacture Disks or Recorders but hack the interface to the PC to be able to give us the drag and drop, unlimited file exchange, copy/move/delete without restrictions etc. Not to mention Linux versions etc.

I have great respect for the technical abilities of the members here, and I am wondering if any more of the world wide user base is thinking the same or more importantly if anyone has the technical expertise to start the project, recruiting members from this list (and others).

I would hate to see the technology we have just wither on the vine without at least a valient attempt to claw back control as Sony turns its back.

Are there any supporters for this ? Or are the technical problem too difficult ?

Best regards


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The existing functionality of HiMD & SonicStage 4.x is fairly comprehensive and already achieves a lot of what you asking for. Rather than reinventing the wheel, you would be better off starting a list of features/functionality that isn't available with the current hardware/software in order of priority.

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It's a nice thought, but with no new units being produced sadly nothing is going to happen.

Still no official announcement from Sony re what has happened MD/Hi-MD so I wonder what they are up to? They issued a statement when they were ditching DAT.

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