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Unit Stolen: eBaying my stuff (pics added for remotes)

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2 auctions with 4 discs each, start at 7.99, buy it now for 18.99 (shipping as low as $3).




Click the image for auction. Starts at 34.99, Buy it now at 49.99 (shipping as low as $4).


Click the image for auction. Starts at 19.99, Buy it now at 24.99 (shipping as low as $4).


Click the image for auction. Starts at 24.99, Buy it now at 37.99 (shipping as low as $5).

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The AC adapter and the dry battery case for the MZ-RH10 also work with the MZ-RH910. In fact, they are the same for both models.

...and the MZ-RH710 (not the DH710) and also the NH700 and NH900. Makes a perfect backup in case the main one goes out on you or for adding an adapter for the RH710 (remember it did not originally come with it, but it will work with it as it has a DC jack as well. Sony listed it in the RH710 manual as being a optional genuine part for it).

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And what on Earth is a DH710?

The MZ-DH710 is the U.S./Canada-market download-only version (USB I/O) of the U.K./Europe-market RH710 recorder.

The DH710 has only a USB I/O as opposed to the added bonuses of that aforementioned DC 3v IN jack (N/A on the DH710) and a LINE/OPTICAL IN jack and REMOTE/PHONES jack which also came only on the RH710 and not the DH710.

I own an RH710 and am glad that because of these three added features I got it.

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