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510 to 920 and back again

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If I make edits on a Sony 510 and then a Sony 920 and so on, will I have troubles and sound differences because of different ATRAC versions?

The only problems of that kind I've had are between different brands of MD units (Sony/Pioneer/Sharp) and then only occasionally. For me, it was not sound differences, but the inability of one unit to play or record on MDs from the other.

I have not experienced anything similar with MDs recorded/edited on the 510 - I still have some of those discs - and subsequently edited or played on Sony MDS-JE480, MXD-D40, MXD-D400, MDS-JB940, or MDS-S40.

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The only problems I have come across is using Fuji discs. I recorded a Fuji disc in a Sharp recorder I had then tried to do some more edits in my old R900. The R900 could not read the disc. Niether could my onld N510. Turned out the Fuji discs were all bad. :(

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