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HHB professional Minidisc blanks

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Has anyone here used a HHB pro minidisc blank?

I was just wondering whether they are as good as they say they are?


They are £3.80 for 5 (and £6 postage - so you'd have to order a few to may it worth while)



I don't have any facts to back up what I'm about to say, but here is my editorial comment. Keep in mind I've heard similar views on the expen$ive "Monster Cable" versus less costly cable that apparently is of the same quality, just not the fluffy hype.

• 80 min 59 sec professional audio MiniDisc

Yeah, ok, all 80min MDs do that

• Block error rates 10 times lower than consumer media

I've only experienced maybe 3 faulty MDs out of 300, and I don't even know if they were "block error" issues... so 10x lower says all of my discs would be perfect... nothing is perfect.

• 1,000,000 read/write cycles

When you've re-written one MD a million times, I'll BUY you another disc.

• UV coating protects discs

How important it is to protect those already-protected in a plastic outer shell MDs?

• Lubricating agent gives optimum contact with recording head

I didn't realize we were lacking lubricant all this time... it's a MIRACLE!

• Durable shell and foil shutter assembly

Possibly good argument, as there are many MDs out there with weak and flimsy shutters

• Secure archival life in excess of 50 years

Can be done with any MD... of course, good luck with sonic stage in the year 2057.

Thanks for reading. Basically its like many high-brand expensive things... it is the IDEA you are paying for, and if you care to delude yourself into thinking you got some extra-special discs, then cheers and enjoy... I have some TDK PRO MDs and have that same warm, fuzzy feeling ;)

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I took a look at the 300 dpi pics , the Metal shutter seems to be a bit thicker than standard MD's , so the case may be built with not quite as Brittle of a plastic , or it is a polymer ( looks like it ) which would give better damping to vibrations . Sony has some pro MD's as well and those the the major differences , the Composition of the MD Disc itself is better layered .

But again , it just depends on you . The Standard Sony Gold Premiums are pretty darn nice , and havent ever given me trouble. Maxells sometimes crap out , TDK's arent bad , but I do notice better transfers with the Sony's discs.


That is the Sony Pro blank ,.... Looks a LOT like the HHB

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dude I poste this just up above here ,


plus at Sony's Pro section you can find them in the Media sections

No, I _know_ that the discs exist. You claimed the media disc itself was somehow formulated differently than non-pro discs ("better layered" you said). I have never seen any evidence that is the case. Do you have a source?

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