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WNTD: Panasonic MJ50 Speaker Dock

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I managed to get a used MJ50, but without the speaker dock. Does anyone have one of these lying around they don't need? I can trade cool blanks for it or something... Thanks.


I have the the dock, like new, the player with battery extension (8:10, the screw that connects to the MJ is a little loose) and the remote and the box w/instructions. No adapter/charger and battery is probably shot. $40

I also have a SJ-MJ88 (non-MDLP) blue and green, just a grunt (6:10) and a complete MJ55 in blue, boxed, no charger, battery(?) almost as new for $75 and a SJ-MR220 Hello Kitty (??) mic-in, opt-in with just the remote and bag and a SONY BC-7DC (stand alone charger) for $130.


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if blueraja dosn't want the player I'm interested. shoot me a PM if you only want the dock for this BR. if you take it all @ $40 I might just want that player.



I have the Blue MJ55 w/dock for $75, that's a hot-rod MJ50, if you have ever seen one, give me your email and I can send a pic, if you like. (I have prob uploading here)

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