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ferrite cores?

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My new MZ-RH1 just arrived, and i'm setting the thing up, but what the h*ll is all this 'ferrite core' nonsense?

"this recorder comes with ferrite cores for connection to the supplied remote. (you must attach the ferrite cores to comply with the applicable EMC standards)"

are these necessary? i've never heard of ferrite cores before?

...and what are 'EMC' standards???

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the ferrite cores are used to reduced electrical intereference. I have no clue whether they work or not...but i leave them on because I have no place else to put them.

They do work on the basis that you have some kind of electromagnetically induced interference from neighbouring fields. Ferrite cores are like sponges for that, at the appropriate frequency, and absorb it. That said though, I've never had to use any of those cores in my application. My office isn't that harsh an environment.

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I bought the V-Modas. I paid too much but I wanted the red ones. You can find the black or other colors for less. Check eBay and Amazon.

They really fit my ears better than anything else I've tried. I think they sound great, too. But, I am not a sound pro so you may want to read reviews.

Google on V-Moda see what you finds.

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The OE headphones really are worse than awful! what does everyone use instead?

As far as headphones are concerned, the words "worse than awful" usually apply with any and all "stock" (supplied) headphones/earphones.

Really, everyone knows you cannot own a PMP unit and live with stock headphones, everyone will agree with me that you've gotta go aftermarket with it, and assemble, piece-by-piece, you own arsenal of equipment to use around your RH1, such as many sets of phones (for different types/genres of music, remotes (like the "crown jewel" of them all, the RM-MC40ELK, microphones (such as the ECM-MS907), and other accesories, and maybe a carrying cae to put your gear in.

This forum has a wealth of info on everything you need to know to make your player more enjoyable, fr a long time to come.

Some stock equipment is OK, such as Sony's own MD velcro pack included with some car MD units (designated with a "CK" at the end), and some other accessories come to mind, just too many to list here.

Just because they are supplied with other units does not mean that you cannot use them with other units, I own a lot of factory "stock" gear that I use with any and all my units.

Log onto http://servicesales.sel.sony.com/ecom/acce...s/web/index.jsp for Sony's DAPC and also check out eBay and Audio Cubes and Audio Cubes 2 for all sorts of possibilities.

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