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I just got my RM-MC40ELK remote and used it today for the first time with my MZ-EH70.It is a big inprovement over the RM-MC38ELK.The only bummer is the menu options are all in Japanese.If anyone knows how to change them , please let me know, since they are all in English when i plug in the RM-MC38ELK.Weird, you would think the player generates the characters, as oppose to the remote.I will post a pictorial soon for members to enjoy!

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The player does not generate any characters on the remote outputs. It simply sends character codes, and then the remote uses these codes to pick up actual characters from its internal memory chip. Only the "K" remotes have kanji and some other languages, such as Greek and Russian, in their memory. Non-"K" remotes have a smaller and cheaper memory, which does not contain kanji, Russian or Greek.

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