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mzrh1 - remote - alternatives? something with bling?

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You want bling? Try to find the MD Qualia 017 Walkman's remote...


Seriously, for playback too, the 40ELK is a good deal. The scrolling for browsing tracks is a huge improvement.

Ha, that only comes with the Qualia, and the Qualia costs how much? 2k... I think thats about right. Seriously though, who in their right mind would buy the Qualia.

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remember that Chinese eBay seller, he had close to a dozen EH1s, all silver, new... I only got one :(

I didn't have 2k$ then neither...

You mean that SNAKE who sold me a very USED EH1 that claimed it was NEW, and promised to send me another and played dumb for 3-4 months until my chance to leave feedback on Ebay had expired?? No thanks.

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Mine was definitely new and shipped from Japan strangely enough. Anyhow, he's no longer listed on eBay, if that can reassure you...

I agree the inconsistency of treatment is dubious.

Let us not forget the very photo he had of the EH1 in his Ebay auction was STOLEN from a forum member!!

(Sorry for the OT folks)

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RM-MC40ELK is what you want.

>how to change the language setting of the 40ELK from Japanese to English:

Thanks for attaching those instructions, but I'm assuming that's only for international models as I can't seem to find the Language setting for my Japanese domestic RH1 (firmware 1.0A)

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