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Looking for a mic with zero self-noise

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I was watching Howel's Moving Castle the other day, and was stunned to hear how little mic noise there was during foley sounds as small as fabric moving and skin chafing. How on Earth did they achieve such pristine quality with such minute sounds?

What sort of signal-to-noise ratio would you need on a mic in order to record such things with virtually no self-noise or "hissing"? Could someone point me towards the sort of mic I'd need for this?

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Larger diaphragms tend to pick up less noise. This is one of the quietest: http://www.rodemic.com/?pagename=Products&product=NT1-A

Yes, I've heard of this and like the sound of it. But I don't think I could get it to work with my RH10 MD recorder without spending lots of money, could I?

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It's not too difficult nor expensive. I've used a rig like this for a year or two.

You'll need a 2 channel battery powered phantom power supply. ART Phantom II works well with the RH-10. Then you'll need an adaptor cable to get the signal from the phantom power unit into the RH-10 mic inputs. You'll probably need to make this up youself or have it made. Have a look at http://www.megalithia.com/elect/phantech.html.

If you're planning to use the NT1As outside, you'll need a windscreen. Look here: http://www.uwm.edu/~type/audio-reports/Rod...NT1-A_index.htm.

Hope this helps

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