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Digital Pitch control?

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Hi, i'm kinda new here and i just got a new MZRH1! So far it's amazing! But when I heard some talk about digital pitch control.I looked in the manuel, i see that is has an extreamly short paragraph about it and it doesn't even say how to use it!?!?! Can somebody who also has one please try to direct me on how to use it?

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"Digital Speed Control" can only be accessed using the remote, during playback. You press the Display button on the remote for about 2 seconds, to access the Options menu. There are, I think, only two options while in play mode: Title and SpeedCtrl. Using the Jog lever sideways, you can toggle between these two. When SpeedCtrl appears, you press the Jog lever in to choose Speed Ctrl, then use the lever right or left to select a percentage change of speed (from -50% to +100%), pressing in to make the final choice. I find the lower speeds (-30% and lower) to be unpleasantly distorted. The higher speeds are useful for listening to simple speech. For sure, the manual (on p. 53) is very lacking of details.

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