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MZ-NH1 Freezing on SYS WRITE

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Hi all,

When using my MZ-NH1 with an 80mb disc, everything works splendidly. When I use a Sony Hi-MD 1GB disc however, the unit seems to actually be recording but when I end the session, the unit endlessly reports 'SYS WRITE'. The disc is spinning and the text/light are flashing. I have tried multiple new 1GB discs and none work. I tried to plug the unit into my computer with the 1GB disc in and 'Initialize' (format it).. Same results. I bought this player on eBay and I don't believe this has worked from day 1. The unit is out of warranty. Do you all have any suggestions for me? Some friends have suggested simply purchasing a new unit as 1GB recording is essential for my use. Just thought I'd check here first. I have read that a Sony repair out of warranty can be upwards of $130 an hour and a product replacement is $222.67.

Thank you for your time and answers,


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Thanks for the replies! Any time I hit stop after 'live recording' the unit goes to system write and remains there infinitely (until I remove the battery). The 1GB discs do this in every manner I've tried. 80 mb discs, however, respond perfectly. Should I simply buy another unit?

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