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Should we stock up on media now?

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I love the portables...but I truly never use them, so I never got into collecting them. I got my mom and brother and all my friends into minidisc, and gave them a bunch of portables back in the day...

I still don't understand what is special about the 420 though! I always picked them up for nothing and gave them to friends so they could play discs I would copy for them on my W1.


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have you ever seen a MZ -E33 ?

AA battery , SP only from the front kinda plain , but , flip it over and it looks like a Star Trek device with the button layout . or the E800( I love this one , mine is Orange ( think of the line from Josie and the Pussycats here) . Flip Top Loader , odd bird , but cool , the Charge stand actually locks on to it , and the disc slides in from the Top , really tiny display , and the buttons are on the back .

Each portable has it own quirks , they dont have to be outstanding to be special , just the fact that they STILL WORK , makes them so .

You see , Sony USED to be "Cool" and the actually had love for the idea , and some of us were in love with that , a company who made something Cool , and loved what they were doing . MD is all that remains of the " Cool " part of Sony ............. and they dropped it .


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Yes yes yes!! I know exactly what you're saying...you hit it on the money. I loved the innovation and crazy stylings of the earlier models...for me the more direct button control the better!

I have yet to have any minidisc unit fail that wasn't due to trauma or shipping damage! Not one disc or machine. Ever.


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