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Caveat Emptor!

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It would appear that Minidisc-Canada.com is a wee bit unresponsive. To either emails or voice mails. They're certainly not answering thier phones.

I'm trying to return a defective/counterfeit battery for my RH-10 and I just plain can't get a hold of them.

Sorry guys, this one is going to have to be disputed with my CC company.

Dealt with them for years, this is the first time they've gone AWOL like this.

(If there is a more appropriate sub-forum this should be in feel free to move it there.)

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I hope they're not going out of biz- just ordered some stuff from them last week. Got shipped out that same day, and it's currently in transit. Quebec to WA State for $19 shipping fee. I ordered a 5 pack of HiMDs at $20.00, and one of their $35.00 LI-P4WM batteries. I thought long and hard about the battery- is it a genuine Sony battery or not? I think Minidisco was selling them for $59.00, which has got to be the genuine Sony made battery. From what I read here in these forums, even if my MD Canada $35 battery is not genuine Sony, it could still give me many years of good service. Especially if I take care of it and charge it properly, etc.

Useful reading: the various rechargeable battery documents on the "Battery University" website, linked to one of these MD forums somewhere. I learned all about the hows and whys of NiCD, NIMH, and LiIon batteries. I also just ordered a AA/AAA battery charger made by Maha that sounds like a very useful model.

My in-the-field MZ-RH1 charging method is this: have a handful of fully charged AA NIMH batteries, and charge the RH1 as needed using my Enegizer Energi-To-Go charger, which holds 2 AA batteries. Works fine for charging the RH1 as long as the rechargeable batteries in the Energi-To-Go are full

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Actually I just received my order- not bad, Quebec to WA State in 8 days. The LIP-4WM battery is identical to my original one except for 2 things: the new one has a "Recycle 1-800-..." logo thing on the front right side, where the original one just says "Li-Ion"; and on the back, lower right, the new one says "FHA"; the original one has "EAA" here. Anyone know what those mean? Both batts say made in Japan, but whether or not that's true. . . . The new battery did not come in a case.

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