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Do SonicStage 3.0 vs. 3.4 take up more resources on PC?

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i own a E507 and i dont instal my CD tat c/w SS3.0

i try SS 3.4 first after first try seems oke no bugs or hangs

after 2nd day seem my pc to be more laggy

and i do a defragement oke helps abit

but still abit laggy

and i uninstall my SS 3.4 and install my CD tat c/w my E507 SS3.0 and monitor and see how

its fares

anyone on lower version of SS finds is better on pc resouces?

rather then SS 3.4?

even its got better funcstion like more bit rates to burn into?

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Is all this talk of access times really that major??

If you ask me 3.4 is quite fast in start up and acess times compared to 3.3

I must say though that I do not use SS other than to organize my alumbs (titles, genres, artists, location) I have only use the transfer from libary to unit probably twice. I avoid having music in the library.

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nope i mean when u dont run the SS s/w

will its lags your pc?

i notice its before i install SS my pcs runs oke

Huh? Sorry I must still be feeling the effects of St Patrick's Day and all that green beer

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so SS does slows down our PC even its not in use?

Hmm, I'm unsure about that. SS might have a service running at all times which could theoretically "slow down" the PC, but in reality (even if it does run a service) it probably only takes up a small amount of RAM and has a very negligeble hit on CPU performance. Problem with services of course is that they do add up, but really even if SS does run a service it shouldn't be a big deal on any modern PC.

but if we dont use SS on our pC anyother programs we can use for transfer our mp3 to our E507?

For MP3 files only, you can use MP3FM, no? Or is that not possible on the E507? But for ATRAC3/3plus you'll have to use SS, yes.

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