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(SOLD) Black MZ-RH10 **PICS**

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Since I bought my RH1, I have not used my RH10 so it's all packed up with the accessories in it's original box. I'm selling my MZ-RH10 with the following:

-Standard earphones

-Original rechargeable battery (for MZ-RH10)

-USB cable

-AC charger

-Cloth pouch

-AA battery attachment (AA battery not included)

-Owners manual

-Standard remote control

-6 used 74min minidiscs

-SonicStage CD




The unit is in great shape. I'm asking for $220 plus shipping:

to the U.S. add $5

to Canada add $10

to the UK add $20

Thanks for looking.

P.S. I am not responsible for items lost or damaged. The items will be shipped by USPS, with confirmation delivery and return reciept. This is to stop a scammer from falsely claiming he never recieved a product and do a false charge back on his credit card.


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Chris ,.......... Go home .

Maybe your trying to be funny , but that kind of humor , wont sell your piece . I think you need to do eBay .

Huh? I am home. Besides, my scammer comment is directed towards those who are viewing my thread but are not members of this forum. There are scammers everywhere, looking for products that can be shipped to Nigeria. :blum:

But seriously, if anyone is interested in my product, please post here or send me a message with an offer.

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I'm asking any potential buyer to not use a credit card for 2 main reasons:

1.) Avoid 3% paypal fees

2.) Stop the buyer from calling creditcard company and requesting a chargeback under false pretenses (not recieved, damaged unit, etc).

my god, chris. you have trust issues. were you raised in a family of double agents? lol

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my god, chris. you have trust issues. were you raised in a family of double agents? lol

Yes, I am skeptical of any buyer and for good reason. I have sold an Xbox and a Nintendo system before, and both times the buyer falsely accused me of never shipping the item, even though they recieved it. They called their creditcard company and asked for a chargeback. Some creditcard companies will do this with no questions asked or any proof of claim. Luckily, when I sold those video game systems, I had proof that the items were shipped so ebay sided with me and didn't take back the money from the sale. It is very easy for a scammer to pay with paypal using a creditcard and after they recieve the product, they call their creditcard company and demand a chargeback for false reasons. This is what I'm trying to avoid. I only had 2 people interested in my RH10, but once I told them why I didn't want them using a creditcard with paypal, they no longer seemed interested. Now I'm suspicious of them both. I can post their names up to make others aware of their possible intentions.

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Chris , although I can understand a bit of suspicion since people tried to rip you off twice, everyone is not out to steal from or scam you. A lot of people today use credit/debit cards as their primary source of payment. On their behalf, if they were to lose or have their card stolen,the credit company and/or bank can be called and immediately have their card number rendered useless whereas cash, if it's lost or stolen - it's just gone. People also have a detailed receipt and every month a detailed statement for their records plus not to mention some people don't have $300 - $400 on hand all the time in case they see something like your minidisc recorder for sale so a credit card comes in real handy even though in the end they may pay a little more, they can pay it off in small increments. And as for the 3% paypal cost, maybe you could add it to the cost before you post it and no-one would be the wiser. I am not you as far as onyone trying to rip me offbut I say give people the benefit of the doubt - not everyone is a thief. Good luck with your sale, Bob

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