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Onkyo MD133 and MZ-RH1 4 Sale MINT CONDITION

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I'm considering getting out of the MD format all together.

I have an Onkyo MD133(This is a HIMD Unit) that has never been used and is less that 2months old. I paid $549 from MiniDisco and I have the voltage adapter which cost me $25 from MiniDisco.I will let the Onkyo go for $475(Included are 10 new Sony reg MDs+7 Maxell Professional MDs never used and the voltage adapter.

I'm working on getting pictures taken. I can tell you again this is all in EXCELLENT CONDITION

I also have a Sony MZ-RH1 HIMD unit which is about 1.5yrs old and has only been used a couple of times and I paid $499 for this. I will also have numerous regular MDs and a few HIMD's blanks up for grabs.

Only serious inquiries please.

We can than discuss price and I will take pictures and post them./send them to you. At this present time I do not own a camera.

Both of these units have all packaging/manuals intact and are in Excellent conditions.


Greg Joplin

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Might be useful if you told us where you live (although I suspect that because you haven't mentioned it, it must be the US, as this is the centre of the civilised world). :P

You're kidding, Right, center of your world, maybe, civilized, absolutely not


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Hey Joplin, how much do you want for just the RH1? I need a second RH1 unit in case the current one I own ever dies on me.

BTW, I am just a little bit south of you, here in Port Townsend, Washington, just a Port Angeles/Victoria ferry ride away from you, so I am sure that shipping costs should be cheap to get it across the border. I get my next paycheck tomorrow, I then just have to wait for my stimulus check (another $300.00 USD coming my way), which should be later this week, and then I'll PM you about negotiating for it (just the RH1).

Go ahead and either post up or PM me a quote.


Ray Jackson

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I have been a 'guest' on this site for several years, and have gotten a lot of good information from it. I joined so I could ask a question to the possible sale of the MZ-RH1. Having received no reply, I have gone elsewhere and bought an MZ-RH1 (eBay). While I am a first time poster, was surprised no one responded, even with a question. BTW, I have two MZ-RH1 devices I use regularly for recording music for a band I am in. The latest one is for my daughter, a FSU voice major graduate and classical sitar player.

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