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Panasonic D.snap Audio - 3 New Models

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Panasonic will be releasing three new models in Japan on 21st April.

They have no memory but take SD cards and have over 100 hours playback.

The most interesting is the SV-SD510, no FM: 17k Yen ($145 USD)

SV-SD570V, with FM radio & voice record: 19K Yen ($162 USD) which looks sort of like a more angular NWA1000.

• Orange or White casing

• OLED display

• Wearable design, lanyard included

• No built in memory

• SD card slot

• Plays MP3, WMA, AAC

• Panasonic D.sound DSP chip

• Up to 115 hours playback with extra battery attachment

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SV-SD570V, looks tooo big (Dinosaur ) but their battery life is also xlent but i think they are still expensive b`coz they don`t come with a memory ..

Stuge the site has a link to Panasonic's spec page which has the dimensions of the unit

57.5mm x 45mm x 15mm @ 37-25grams. So the SD570 would be about as wide as an A1000 but shorter and weigh a lot less. Atleast this one looks better than Panasonics previous square box model from last year.

The biggest draw back is having to get an SD card on top of the cost of the player but with flash card prices dropping they way they are these days it could become economical to get a couple of 512MB or 1GB cards in the near future.

I wonder if Sony will be tempted to try one of these players ?

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D.Sound DSP = teh total evil. Overly processes MP3s into really bright and harsh mess. In theory, this would be a good idea, but the execution thus far has been less than ideal.

And in the current market, where one can have 1GB of built in memory and color display (Samsung, Apple, Sandisk Sansa) for the same price as these... I smell total disaster the likes of which only Sony and replicate. And then some.

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I smell total disaster the likes of which only Sony and replicate. And then some.

By using only original Sony Memory Sticks rather than SD cards. Or Playstation memory cartridges.

And yet another unique USB connector.

Is AAC some sort of format for mobile phone music files ?

I wonder if Panasonic is using Sony's OLED display technology on these units?

Pity Panasonic didn't have a go at Hi-MD Minidisc instead.

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