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(copied from my Audio T-Board post)

I just moved and am in dire need of quick money, so I'm reluctantly letting go of one of my cherished mindisc units (the RH1 and E900 are stayin' with me!).

This isn't in mint condition-it has a few scuffs, and the little lock-part on the front of the unit came off right after I bought it. That has no effect, however, as it still holds in place in the charger. The screen is safe as I have a screen protector covering it. I'm hoping to get $350. I'm offering it here first before ebay, but odds are I'll be putting it up there later tonight or tomorrow if no one is interested.

In summation: unit is not mint, but works perfectly. Asking $350, though I'd DEFINITELY entertain trades + money

(I can't help it, md's are an obsession!!)

I also have some sealed Hi-MDs I can include/sell. Let me know.







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