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FS: Memorex blanks

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Now that I've switched to Hi-MD, I don't need as many blanks as I used to. I'm selling some of the excess for a $1 each plus $5 shipping in U.S. and Canada (more elsewhere - Paypal only). You don't have to buy the whole batch. I don't mind splitting them up. Most of these discs have stuff recorded on them in either SP or LP2 format.

Memorex 74 - 10 discs


Memorex Color 74 - 10 discs (5 never used)

These don't have individual cases but come 5 to a box.



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i dont want to sound negative but anyone who buys those memorex 5 pack color disks will be very upset. i have several. they are the worst md's i ever had. the shutters fall off all the time on several of them sometimes even getting stuck inside the unit. what ever you do dont buy them! the grey ones pictured at the top are fine. i have several of those too. i like them.

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The Maxell Golds are pretty good but I got a set of Colors that fell apart soon after I took them out of the package. After I superglued them back together, they worked fine.


Memorex media (all types) are in a class by themselves. I have had way more CDs, MDs, floppies, cassette tapes fail with the Memorex label than all others combined. My experience with Memorex MDs has been abysmal. Any time anyone sends me a Memorex CD, I quickly copy it knowing that it's a matter of time (not long) before it can't be read. I find it truly amazing that their quality is so bad across all media types. For MD, stick with Sony. For CDs, go with Taiyo Yuden (order them in bulk and don't look back).

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Unfortunately, Taiyo Yuden doesn't make MD media.. not to my knowledge. I only know them for making good DVD+R's and they're usually top-quality stuff.

TDK is the only brand I'd buy for MD media, partly because they've got fancy designs to them. I haven't had much problems with Maxell or Memorex minidiscs yet. And I'm about to use a Sony MDW-60 for some HiMD stuff, after a decade in a storage box. ;)

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The manufacturer can have an impact on sound quality, but not that way. With digital media, it's about the error rate. Poorly made media will have a high error rate. Too many errors will result in corrupt or lost data. Digital devices have built-in error correction, but this only works up to a point.

The technical spec Sony developed for minidisc is very strict. As a result, there is almost no difference in data quality between discs made by various companies. The biggest difference among manufacturers is the quality of the cartridge that houses the disc. Poorly made cartridges will either crack or split or the shutter will snap or pop off.

BTW, I also have a bunch of Sony and TDK minidiscs that I will be selling very soon.

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