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RH1 will import Pre-recorded minidisc's

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Whilst mucking around with my RH1 and a pre-recorded minidisc, ELO greatest hits in this example, I found SS4.3 allowed me to import the album onto my hard drive. I thought Sony had protection on these disc's to prevent this sort of copying. I now find I can copy all my pre-recorded MD's on to hard drive and then put them all on one Hi-MD. Anyone else found this?


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I found this out last year, when I bought my first RH1 unit (I happen to own three of them, one is in action right now while the other two are in my desk drawer in HMW Studio One standing by as backups just in case anything happens to my main one), I uploaded Will Smith's Big Willie Style MD to my PC before eventually downloading it to both my Old School Sh*t (my rap/gangsta/hip-hop/funk Hi-MD-based compilation) Hi-MD and my NW-HD5 HDD Network Walkman.

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I now find I can copy all my pre-recorded MD's on to hard drive and then put them all on one Hi-MD.

I would recommend using 352 kbit/s rather than 256 kbit/s selected by default. Here's how: http://forums.minidisc.org/index.php?showtopic=21402 . It will take more space, but will be absolutely "transparent", despite being a lossy-to-lossy transcoding. At least it is worth trying.

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And don't forget to remove older NetMD drivers (if any) so that SP uploads won't take ages. Here's how: http://forums.minidisc.org/index.php?showtopic=21299

If you upload as WAV you can then convert it to FLAC (lossless compression). WINAMP works great for this type of stuff.

You can play with WINAMP directly from FLAC and using a decent Optical Out from your computer you can also create a new MD in SP mode.

A better method (if you've got a MD==>CD type deck is to create a CD from the FLAC file and then use the deck to create a new MD. In theory your 2nd copy will have NO SCMS and should be almost identical to the original MD since you shouldn't lose anything in the conversion from SP to WAV and then FLAC.

Use SS to edit the track names of course.



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