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Syncing video to audio

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I have reviewed the excellent discussion on Using minidisc for video production


I intend to use a rig with a monopod: digital camera on top (trekking pole with camera attached with a Ultrapod)and a minidisc microphone strapped further down the pole.

This setup seems very mobile to me and it main failing is that i won't have a pan left and right lever to spin the pole on its axis.

But I have a couple of questions -- musings really:

  • Would that be a reasonable location for mic pickup? At least I wont get camera hand noise. So long as I supported the monopod I can get both voideo and audio with the one tool.
  • When I want to mark my shot for later syncing is it reasonable to replace the clapper board (or a simple hand clap) with a finger snap made with one hand placed in front of the lens ? Thats' all I'd have you see: one hand. Are there other options I don't know about -- tricks I can use to mark the video with sound cues and the audio with video ones?
  • In post production editing-- I use Audacity -- are there any syncing tricks worth knowing? I video edit with Movie Maker and indulge in the free software.
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well your digicam will also have sound as well so the finger snap , placed equidistant from either will give a good reference for locking the tracks ( if your in Windows , Whatever Video prog your using should allow you to move a track )

If your in Mac , then iMovie of iLife 07 will let you do that , I think iMovie 08 got dumbed down I havent tried it yet

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