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NH900 batteries loosing power too quick

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Hello folks, I have a cherished NH900.

Just recently Ni-MH 1.2 batteries are loosing their charge within 30mins playing time.

I can charge a battery using my old non-HiMD minidisk and cradle. And it shows as fully charged.

I just tried the Nh900 again with a freshly charged battery and the it stopped playing after a few minutes with a low battery error message on screen. It started with four battery blobs displayed and as it played they gradually reduced one by one.

Oh dear :scratchhead: Have you heard of this happening before, please..??

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I had the same problem with my RH 910 gumstick batteries

They do wear out so if you have recharged them a few times they will loose it's stuff so to speak.

I got tired of fighting it. I bought new ones from Orient of course, and I think even one of those was bad.

I got so I couldn't count on them when I had a one-shot recording session and have changed completely to my olympus digital which uses 2 AA's. Not only are they easy to come by, I get hours upon hours from one set (or one charge for my rechargeables) as well as more recording time since they don't depend on the limited MD disc capacity.

I must say I only record so maybe you are stuck with the MD if you use it mainly as a player. I don't think my Olympus is made for playback quality. I'm not familiar enough with the NH900 to know if it even is meant for recording.

good luck

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