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What is the best case for the NW-HD5?

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Just joined this community -but been a reader since last year-. I just bought a black HD 5 from ebay -waiting to receive it!- because i only care about Excellent sound, pocketable size and battery life.... the HD 5 was the winner!....

Do I need to buy a case??.. will be using it mainly in my shirt pocket and pant pocket -of course without keys or chains- If yes, please let me know which one is the best!

I found one annodized alluminium case but seems too big... also skins... but do not convince me, and some leather cases, but want to hear from actual owners which one do you think is better for protecting this little joy while mantaining good looks!


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Guest Stuge


Welcome to AtracLifE!

I will not recommened an Aluminium case as it will increase the weight..

Leather case would be a nice one.

Silicon cases are also available on ebay ...

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Thank you guys for the Welcome and the information!.... very useful.

I loved the Sony NW-HD5 - Leather Pouch Case , however, it is out of stock in the US :( I live in Costa Rica, and for me is easier to order something from the US....

Will keep looking around and see if I can get it.. I prefer this one instead of the Flip case, as it is easier to access the controls -without needing to open the case :)

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IMHO I would not recommend any case. Especially silicone ones. the trouble with silicone cases is that grit or sand gets under the cover without you realizing. Then when younext remove the player from the case it looks terrible so it is then confined to a case for life.

Just go natural and enjoy the cool look.


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