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Sonicstage V is released in Japan....

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I am sory if this have been discussed before, but based on article in Sony Insider :


Sonic Stage V is released in Japan. No news about its English version availability. One of the comment tells that there is no MD support in this new release.

The article suggest we ask Sony to release its English verson. How can we "tell loud enough" so Sony can hear?

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I emailed Sony UK about Version 5 and have received this extremely unhelpful (and ungrammatical) reply:

Unfortunately we do not have any details in regards to SonicStage version 5 coming out over here.

This is because information would not be released to ourselves before the products is to be released.

I seem to remember getting a similar answer when I asked about the possibility of a Hi-MD deck being produced a couple of years back. I'm surprised that Sony UK are considered so unimportant that they aren't given information about future developments or the lack of them.

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Remember how black people were forced to live outside of town, at the beginning of the 20th century? Well, that's how Sony Japan sees us Americans and Euros. Yet they have no problem receiving our dollar and euro bills.

Even funnier, people that keep giving Sony money even though they know Sony won't care supporting the products outside Japan... Go figure. :D

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Sony is a complete failure. THey do not listen to common sense and reason, just look at the PS3. Guess what? The Blu-Ray format isn't selling well due to ridiculous high prices. Hmm...sound familiar? (MD in the 90's).

You can get a blu-ray player under $200 now, and many blu-ray movies are priced at $20, only a few dollars more than the DVD version. I do agree that it's not selling as well as it could, simply because there isn't much push for it to be a medium for data on PCs, unlike DVD. In Japan you can buy blu-ray camcorders and blu-ray DVRs. MD, both the hardware and media, on the other hand remain expensive, even till today.

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