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Can't record using microphone, wrong input?

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The NH600 doesn't have a microphone input, is the short answer.

You can look here for designs for preamplifiers that will convert your microphone input into Line In levels (which are much much higher). Look in the Live Recording section here.

Or you can buy a model (eg NH700) that have the mic input built in. Microphone inputs have a red socket (as opposed to the Line In, which is white) and a tactile dot (I guess it's for finding it in the dark, or in your pocket).

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best result is know what you but and what you will use it for before you buy it, less to fix afterward, as was said earlier get an nh 700, 800, or 900, they will do everything you want to do properly. The 600 is a nice machine, but for what you will spend to make it mic accessible, you can get the real thing,


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it is for recording lectures, where can i get these preamps pelase?

Preamps (microphone preamplifiers, as they are called correctly) are usually available at music equipment suppliers. Ask your favourite search engine and you will find appropriate online dealers if there is no such store in your town.

But I think, economically and ergonomically it would be better to sell your NH600 and buy a NH700, NH900, RH910, RH10 or RH1 which all have excellent built-in amplifiers. If your budget is limited, the NH700 will perfectly do its job. Its recording quality by far exceeds the level required for recording lectures, the price/performance ratio could hardly be better.

and a tactile dot (I guess it's for finding it in the dark, or in your pocket).

I would rather guess it is for visually impaired people. :scratchhead:

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