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Using Location Free as a Regular Access Point

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Just wondering, cause right now I need a wireless access point but I am thinking if I could kill two birds with one stone. If I buy the Location Free base station LF-PK1 and connect it to my Linksys wired router and a cable outlet, will it serve as for streaming my cable TV AS WELL as working like a regular 802.11g wireless access point so I can surf the net on my PSP browser or my Apple iBook while I am at home? Thanks,

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Ok, well I brought it and I can confirm that it indeed funtions as a normal 802.11a/b/g access point. In fact I'm typng this now on my Apple iBook and via the iBook's Airport Extreme wirelessly connected to the LF-PK1, which is connected by ethernet to my wired Linksys BEFSX41 router. As for encryption I set it up to use WPA with a 64 character hexadecimal key. Damn, I just wish now Sony makes a LocationFree client for the Mac and it would be so cool! But ya it feels good killing two birds with one stone. I now have regular wi-fi for my laptop and my PSP and can watch cable TV with my PSP.

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I just read in the news that LocationFree Software will be available for Mac users as well. Read below:

"Sony Corp. said Tuesday that it licensed its Location-Free technology to Kaga Electronics, which will port the technology to the Mac OS X platform.

"Location Free" allows content on supported platforms to be routed wirelessly, through Son'y LF-PK1 basestation, to other PCs, an LCD monitor or even its Sony PSP handheld.

Sony didn't say what Kaga would charge for the software, or when it would be released.

Customers will be able to enjoy "LocationFree" with Windows Mobile and cellular phones as well as Mac OS X® product, Sony added.

"As telecommunications infrastructure advances, Sony will increase licensing of 'LocationFree' software in order to expand the number of compatible products," the company said in a statement. "This will create a life style where TV and video content can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere."

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