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Recording a 2 day conference

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I need to record a two day conference in early December and I've learnt before that by using a 1 GB disc I can put the lot on the one unit. However I don;t want to use my own HiMD MZ -- NH700 --so I'm looking to getting a cheap or second hand one.

I can get a 6 year old -- MZ-R91 -- but while that has line in and mic jack it's not HiMD is it? So I'm restricted in my use of it, for later editing and sharing via my pc.

I could use the special priced -- Sony MZ-NH600 Hi-MD But that hasn't got a AC adaptor for the mains power and no line or mic in. Right?

So I'm trying to imagine my basic requirements and see how far my dollar will stretch covering as many as those as I can.

I do think I need two minidisc players -- one for at home playing of my discs and another fro recording . But I'm trying to cover thsi other option of have two recorders for general use.

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The NH600 doesn't have mic in so wouldn't be much good for recording lectures. If it's the downloader model (NH600D) it won't have a line/optical in either (though the plain NH600 does). However, the 600 is reported by some users to be a very good player, so why not get one for playback/uploading and just use your NH700 for the recording duities? As you say, the R91 would be good for recording and playback, but you'd be stuck with real-time copying for sharing or loading.

If you could also find a cheap remote for the NH600 (any Sony remotes made after about the year 2000 will work) you could save wear and tear on the jog dial, which seems to be the NH600's only weak point. You can use your NH700's accessories - AC adapter and remote with an NH600. Or look for a cheap 700 on ebay - about a year back I picked up several ones in perfect working order very cheaply. Not sure what the second hand market's like now though.

Good luck!

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I use my B10 for conferences , because of the built it mic , and 2xAA factor ( Both batts face the same direction too !! makes it a VERY quick change ) Battery life is quite long as well so I rarely have to change batts . especially with a New Charge on a set of Sanyo 2700 ma's

For Speech an conferences it is fine , especially if your close to one of the sound output regions ( Speaker Stands or however it is setup ) The closer the speaker , then the Mic setting can be set to LOW , which gets rid of the Baby crying halfway across the auditorium that your in .

LP4 mode , get me 1 day of the convention easily( especially when pausing during unneeded parts ) , then just slap a new disc in , got day 2 ! 2 discs 2 days . Archived ,and labeled.

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