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How many minidiscs do you have?

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Myself, I've got close to 150, a third of them blank. They encompass various styles in music as well as different designs/styles of the MDs themselves. I've got 5 HiMD's and a few more regular MDs that use the HiMD format.

I'm pretty adamant about converting my entire collection to HiMD, even though it provides more storage for standard MDs.

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I past 100 in the first 2 years of using MD , I stopped counting 6 years ago , and I have been using MD since the beginning

I wouldnt want to guess at how many I have .

My wife complains alllllll the time , about them being all over the place !!!!

in fact I am recording another one as I type!!

Ali Farke Toure : Talking Timbuktu on to the R900 in LP2 format , on a Sony Neige 80 Min , Hand Drawing the Label to go on it

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I have about 100 MD and 15 HI-MD.

I use HI-MD to rec on PCM for classic music from CD's, or for big compilations from 7 Movie soundtracks albums.

I think PCM is really cool for music that diserve some special treatment, the music you are fond of. I don't think anyone may record all his/her albums in PCM > 100 HI-MD by exemple lol

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I used to have 400 or so standard MiniDiscs, and two dozens 1Gb MiniDiscs, but since I've found PCM to sound more natural, I sold all my standard MiniDiscs and am since only accumulating 1Gb MiniDiscs.

So five dozens blue MD's or so only right now; I need to order way more asap, my HDD needs to offload quite some albums...!

I wonder why you think the gap between Standard MD and PCM is so great that it justifies choosing the latter for exclusive use? Do you listen to difficult acoustic material where Atrac is perhaps weak?

If I had to use Linear PCM - and I have considered it - along with 1gb discs then I'd probably need to buy hundreds of expensive discs. Is it really worth the time, hassle and money to do that in your opinion?

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