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Onkyo Intec 275 Series Pictorial Review

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Part I

----------- Onkyo Intec 275 Series (Silver version) -----------


Short Comments :

The Intec 275 Series is not sold in Europe. In fact, the Audio amplifier, the CD Player and the AM/FM Tuner are available but under a different reference (PHA-933). Being only available in Japan, the Hi-Md deck (MD-133) has been imported.

----------- A-933 (Audio amplifier) -----------

intec275series002fy2.th.jpg intec275series003on1.th.jpg intec275series004pr0.th.jpg intec275series005wu4.th.jpg

intec275series008ik6.th.jpg intec275series007cs7.th.jpg intec275series009kk2.th.jpg intec275series011gk6.th.jpg intec275series010zw8.th.jpg

Short Comments :

For its size, the A-933 is really heavy and sweats quality. The front side of the unit presents a hidden door with many features behind such as superbass / bass / treble and speakers selection fonctions, a phones input (etc.). On the back side, one can regret the absence of optical input and output. The (big and awful) remote can control every elements of the Intec 275 Series.

----------- C-733 (CD Player) -----------

intec275series012ic5.th.jpg intec275series013og1.th.jpg intec275series014up2.th.jpg

intec275series019ws3.th.jpg intec275series017hv4.th.jpg intec275series018ke3.th.jpg intec275series022ho2.th.jpg intec275series020gu3.th.jpg

Short Comments :

The C-733 and the A-933 share the same size (but fortunatly not the same weight). Large display. No remote control.

Open/close, play / Pause / stop and FF / FR fonctions on the front side. There is a display button as well.

Two optical outputs on the back side.

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* Re-posted on behalf of Kain after I accidentally deleted some of the orignal topic (doh!)

Part II

----------- MD-133 (Hi-MD Deck) -----------

intec275series023zs2.th.jpg intec275series024hc9.th.jpg intec275series025go7.th.jpg intec275series026is1.th.jpg intec275series027jo7.th.jpg intec275series048ck5.th.jpg

intec275series028fq6.th.jpg intec275series030cc1.th.jpg intec275series029jc1.th.jpg intec275series031si4.th.jpg intec275series032fn9.th.jpg

Short Comments :

Rec and editing features on the front side. Play / Stop / Pause, FF and FR buttons. Two optical inputs on the back side (TOS link provided).

There is a jogdial as well. Large display.

The size of the remote sold with the MD-133 make it more friendly and easy to use compared to the one sold with the A-933.

(Many thanks to Wizard of Oz for the TI-352 transformer :) )

----------- T-433 (Tuner AM/FM) -----------

intec275series034fw6.th.jpg intec275series035sl5.th.jpg intec275series037df9.th.jpg intec275series036ke7.th.jpg

intec275series039xa6.th.jpg intec275series041uc4.th.jpg intec275series042ra7.th.jpg intec275series040qw1.th.jpg intec275series044xv4.th.jpg

Short Comments :

The T-433 and the MD-133 share the same size. Timer, Band and Tunning / Preset fonctions on the front side.

No remote control. RDS compatibility.

Part III

----------- Onkyo D-302E (Loudspeaker) -----------


intec275series051nn4.th.jpg intec275series053xq3.th.jpg intec275series058el2.th.jpg intec275series061dc7.th.jpg

Short Comments :

Very heavy, the building quality is excellent. I find the D-302E really gorgeous without their foam protections. They are sold with a pair of Monster Cable (XP series).

Sound quality :

Pretty difficult to say as they still require a burn-in period. On the top of that, I still have the sound of a 150.000 euros speakers system in mind (the Focal - JM Lab Grande Utopia were presented by a Hi-Fi store next to my place last week :P ) The treble and the middle range are improving CDs after CDs, MDs after MDs, and seem to have a good potential (refined sound). Bass are deep which is really surprising for that size of speakers.

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La classe. smile.gif Vraiment.

Grave. Et les D-303E sonnent de mieux en mieux. Elles sont comparables aux JMR Cantabile Signature, un référence coutant 4 fois le prix des Onkyo et vers lesquelles je lorgnais au départ. Aucun regret concernant le format bibliothèque. Merci d'ailleurs car sans toi, je ne me serais jamais tourné vers ces enceintes. Dommage que tu n'ai pu faire un arrêt chez moi ;)

first reply got lost, what a fine piece of gear, you are lucky, enjoy

It took me some time to get this series because of its price but I'm really enjoying it at the moment, no doubt it will satisfy my needs ;)

Could you try taking one picture of all of them stacked together?

I planned to do it but I've to make a remodeling of my living room today. I will try to complete my first posts with new pictures when it will be done.

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Picutres of my system after a slight living-room remodeling. Vogel's material will be bought next month to hide wires.

intec275series070ae7.th.jpg intec275series069dl0.th.jpg intec275series072vh5.th.jpg

Very nice, I miss my stereo that I left in Canada when I moved south,Revox tuntable and CD player, TEAC reel to reel, Aiwa cassette deck, and Heco powered speakers, sigh

I know you will get lots of enjoyment from yours

Take care,


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Hi all,

After a long use, i'm still in love with my equipment.

I moved to a new place some times ago and installed the Intec in a larger room. Despite those new conditions, the amp was powerfull enough to make the whole thing sound good.

I learn that the MD-133 has been recently discontinued by Onkyo which is a pitty. Fortunatly, mine is still in great shape and is playing discs every week.

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  • 7 years later...

Totally recommended!

this INTEC 275 system is amazing, you can connect a record player as well or, in my case, a digital radio (DVB terrestrial television) through the AUX input

the remote is handy, as you control all those devices

I bought it second hand from Germany...


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