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403 Forbidden? at download page

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You don't have permission to access /temp/1/SS40_MDCF.exe on this server.

Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

Apache/1.3.41 Server at www.pepperonistavern.com Port 80

This is what I get when I access the file:


, after I start from this link:


Please fix your .htaccess permissions, because I really need that download. (In case you control pepperonistavern.com, if not, I hope you can fix my issue below)

Otherwise the reason I need it is, that my SonicStage3.0 stopped working after more than 2 years of use. It was bundled with a NW-E105 I bought. I really need this situation resolved because I don't want to lose my 4000+ mp3 database (will take a hell of a lot of time to add again).

I tried reinstalling from the CD. Started once OK, and crashed after a few moments. And then the same cycle as before started.

I start the program the splash screen appears, the main window opens, and then right before the splash screen disappears the program crashes.

Makes me think it's a registry issue.

So I figured that installing the 4 version should fix it somehow...

My PC:

AMD Duron 800MHz

512Mb RAM

plenty of HDD space

Windows XP Pro SP2

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hey..got same problem dwnlding ss40 installer..

can anybody fix this.?ss43 not working on my xp professionals..

..writes this error msg when launching ss.:"cannot locate needed files related to Windows Media Format. Exiting sonicstage (error code: 0004e22)"

The last one sounds like the famous DRM keys. (mind you I think it might be a typo in your message, my research shows 4e2e not 4e22).

Have a look here and see if it helps.

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Not much help to you, are we? What follows is just random ideas.

Look in the registry (see Raintheory's collection of tweaks) and see if any of the pointers are to things which simply do not exist (eg URI pointing to files).

And look at the collection of Codecs you have installed. Reinstall Media Player 9? (Maybe later ones conflict with SS).

And turn on the "show hidden" feature to show every device that has ever touched XP on your machine, and delete them all (the ones that are greyed out) from the Device Manager ("uninstall"). I haven't time to send you a link this minute, but search for "solution to slow upload SP" and a PINNED post by Avrin.

Try turning off USB completely and seeing if SS will start up....

I guess we need to post a collection of steps to take when this happens, it's horrible, I know. Hang in there.

If you get it to work, please come back and share with us what you did.

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  • 2 months later...

Well... the problem still persists with the download..

And as I see nobody even cared to suggest a solution to me, issue a response that the situation has been noticed or at least fix the problem with their own site.

This shows exactly how professional the people in this forum are. And come to think of the product itself (SonicStage).. it's very poorly made. If so much problems arise out of simple usage then it's not worth using at all. I've moved on to Real player and it performs a lot better, I'd say. I'm happy with it, so just forget about the whole issue (as I think you already did, long ago), since you don't even care about your own site either.

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I tried to give you some help about the SS crash, but you are fixated on why we don't have the Sonic Stage download. The truth is, Sonic Stage is available officially only from Sony (and several threads since you posted have alluded to this) and any all-in-one download is technically illegal and a breach of copyright.

So go look in Sony Europe for the 4.3 version.

I suspect the major reason you got ignored is that you only wanted Sonic Stage to listen to mp3s and that immediately turns people here off. This is a minidisc forum, you know, not free support for the (dreaded) Sonic Stage.

Before slagging off our site, perhaps you should get your own act together.

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