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Advice please.. MZ-RH1 + Battery Box Live Recording

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Hi all,

Firstly, these are my components;


I want use this set up for taping live performance (mainly musical theatre) - it is amateur and I do have permission, but of a professional standard using PA's etc.

But due to discretion, I would not be in a position to manually adjust recording levels mid-performance.


I have recorded several shows using the mic plugged directly into the plug in power (red) port, which leaves nice enough audio in dialogue/soft music parts, but anything with bass or "belting" singing immediately overloads and sounds terrible.

Having tried a few "tests" at home with the new battery box, plugged in via the line in (white) port, I am finding that talking in clear voice only a foot away from the microphone results in barely a whisper on the recording. However, playing loud music comes out in still relatively low, but at least audible levels.

After reading advice on various pages, I tried using manual record levels on the RH1, but even then it was still very quiet even with the record level on 30 (the highest possible).


I need to find a way of using the battery box to record these performances, to avoid bass overload in the loud parts and also clearly pick up all dialogue without being too quiet.

I would appreciate any feedback or advice. Should I stick with AGC, or, for my needs, what is the best manual record level? I also currently have the mic sensitivity option on the RH1 set to "high" - is this favourable?

Any or all advice is welcome!

Thank you for your time, I am in your capable hands!

Kind regards


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It's all personal preference, but I'd say stick with the auto gain control, use the line in and battery box instead of the mic in, and if that mic really is mono then maybe find a new mic or use an additional one of the same kind for recording in stereo.

If the recording comes out quiet, are you able to do editing on a computer afterward and make it louder?

Good luck with your next attempt.

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