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WTB - TDK Bit Club/WA/Fine...

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Havent been here in a long time but Im back. I have vinyl records I want to select tracks from and make MDs for my ride in and for workouts.

Im going through my old MDs and I found I loved the TDK Bit Club series.

Im looking for those really cool BIT CLUB MDs with traffic graphics, pixilated Mona Lisa, which I have on of but wouldnt mind a few more and any other TDK graphic-y MDs. The WA looks amazing and HO was nice, but I'd like BitClub or WA's. Maybe FlowerMix and definitely the FINE series especially the cat illustration ones.

Anyway, so if you have preferrably new old stock or factory sealed, open only if mint, please let me know.

Thanks! B)




TDK BitClubs:




TDK Fine - CAT!:


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Yeah, on eBay around 02-04 you could buy those from a lady in China - Heidi something, I forget. I got authentic TDK Music Jacks but darn it, now that I look at them, Im wanting a few. I'll keep looking but if anyone has an unused set they dont want please post here and let me know! Thank you!

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