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MZ-R55 for 25 Bucks

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I was going for lunch a few days ago (I was on a job in Barrie) and I happened to come across a garage sale. I wasn't going to stop, but I saw an MD sitting at the edge of a table. So I had to look. Well, I found a few things.

A pack of 8 MDs with 20 MD carry case, and an MZ-R55 for sale.

This is what I got with the MZ-R55 (Click image for full album of pictures on this unit):


The only thing is, the internal battery doesn't seem to charge. The person I bought it from said they weren't sure if the player worked on the internal battery at all because they didn't have the original adapter to charge it and the battery terminals had gone all green. I have the adapter, and I know the battery is recognized by the player because it did start to charge when I got it home but it would go off immediately. I since fixed that. I cleaned up the battery terminal and it still didn't work. So, I opened the player to see if it at least had power on the terminals when the battery was inserted and I didn't. So I bent the battery contact at the positive end a little bit to put more pressure on the contact and now it stays charging for a while. However, it will shut off charging after a while. I checked the voltage at the terminals and all I can assume is the battery truly is dead and the unit thinks it's charged, but it really isn't. The player does come on for a while with the battery, but as soon as the motor starts to spin it immediately shuts off. I believe the battery is dead. I have ordered a new one from Minidisc Canada. The player does work fine with the battery car attachment, so I can still use it.

The other item is this pack of 8 MDs and a 20 MD case:


And since I purchased them all, she said I could have the remaining discs she had lying around. There was, 2 Sharp 80 min (purple), 2 TDK 80 min (orange), 4 TDK 74 min (silver/gold), 2 Memorex 74 min (black), 2 Memorex 74 min (Blue)






She was really nice about it actually, the entire set was 50 bucks. $25 for the R55, and $25 for the MD's. I'm glad that I got it, but it just shows that MD really didn't take off here in Ontario. The 8 Sony MD's, 1 was opened, the other 7 were still shrink wrapped and looked brand new. The other few discs looked heavily scratched, but I'm not sure if thats from use or just sitting. The player itself is in OK condition, but the battery terminal on the positive end had gone all green. I cleaned it up best I could and soaked it with WD40 to hopefully prevent it from doing that again.

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Way to go, love those kind of garage sales, was at one in Fort Saskatchewan (where I used to live in Canada) once, and got an Akai Reel to Reel and some tapes for $30.00, worked like a dream, looked good nest to my Teac, ended up trading it for a computer upgrade, wish I would have kept it!

Have fun with yours


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I've spent the majority of the weekend just listening to some SP recorded discs from my MD Deck and I have to say, the quality is just superb. I know it's old technology, being the first version of MD pretty much, but there is definitely no comparison to an iPod.

The sound is more full, cleaner, and just the simple cool factor. Being able to record to a disk like that and having the physical disk in hand. It feels like back when I use to record tapes and have a few tapes with various songs and carry them with me. I know I was only 8 or so, but it was so cool to see the tape material move from one reel to another and produce music.

Simpler times.

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Similar buy except on Ebay this time hehe

I picked up 2 MZ-R70's, one blue and one silver, 3 mics (1 clip on sony, 1 stereo microphone and one boom mic), car kit, carry case, md booklet style holder, remote (RM-MC11EL) and a bunch of recordable disks with another holder for 100 bucks.

I guess people don't want these things anymore. The same seller has an MZ-R50 on sale for 130 dollars I think, thing looks like its mint condition. I can vouch for it, the 2 that I got from him are in great shape.

Ebay and garage sales are awesome :)

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