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Unexpected track marks on RH1

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I'm finally going through an internet radio show I did this past semester in college. I recorded each show via line-in on my RH1. I never pressed t-mark during any recordings. However, each disc (while being recorded) had been separated into several tracks of random times. Some are 18 or 30+ minutes, others are less than 1 full minute.

What might have caused this? Does it automatically make a track mark when silence is registered? Also, does anyone know of an easy method to fuse all the tracks into one big track? I'm currently converting them to .WAV and was going to edit them in Audacity, but I know that will be a pain in the butt and I was hoping to find an easier way. Any thoughts?

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Sync recording will do this... if the level drops too low, it will mark a track.

On portables, joining tracks is as simply as removing a track mark. There's a small trick which will work on any MD portable I think. At least any I have had my hands on. Play the first track, press the pause button. Now skip to the track mark by pressing and releasing FF (or RW if that is your idea). Now it will be in pause mode exactly on the track mark. Press the track mark button, and the OLED should show "MARK OFF".

Hope this helps.

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Unwanted tracks remain the last minidisc frontier - the RH-1 fixed everything else.

http://www.download3000.com/screenshot-mediajoin-7476.html is another possible solution - freeware joiner. I've used it way back and as I recall it, it worked well.

Or, if you use Reaper - www.reaper.fm - for postproduction, it has a ripple editing mode which means that lots of little items are treated as one when editing.

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