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how to increase volume ?

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I always found non-Sony equipment to be louder. My Aiwa F80 sounds almost twice as loud as any Sony MD portable I have. Try and research the models and see if you can pick up a good condition second-hand one on ebay.

Also check out "S.F. Edit" mode on legacy Sony MD decks, this can boost the volume of the track/s in question. Be aware that this particular edit operation is irreversable and it only works with tracks recorded in SP - you can't do it for LP2 tracks. And if you are on Hi-MD then you can forget about this operation altogether since it doesn't exist on the Hi-MD units. The only workaround there might be too normalize the original WAV or MP3 tracks using either Audacity or MP3Gain before converting them to Atrac3plus and finally to the MD via Sonicstage.

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