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I'm a bloody newbie. Received an NW-003F as a gift, like everyone else I found that Sony's software was crap, discovered ml_sony and Winamp. Downloaded, followed Read_me ( I hope ) to backup the OMGAUDIO, create blnak files, found and loaded MP3FM, put the DLL in the right place and ran WinAmp. Whew.

From what I read here now, the current Winamp 5.35 doesn't work with the current ml_sony. I select songs from playlist, select 'Send to: E: Sony Walkman', and nothing happens.

If I haven't made any stupid mistakes so far, I'm not sure what to do at this point: wait for ml_sony upgrade, somehow find an old version of WinAmp (don't see a way to get an older version on their site), or does someone have a workaround?

thanks, everyone....

Hi all

To anyone who needs to get an old version of winamp and can't find it try here http://filehippo.com/download_winamp/?1217

They seem to have most of the old versions.

I'm using 5.24 and it works fine - If it ain't broke, don't fix it!

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Hello everyone, I just discovered your forum today. Your work and knowledge base really gave ray of hope on the software front, prompting me to get my 2 Sony players out of long-term storage due to Sonicstage headaches.

In order to use ML_SONY, I was just about to install the old version of Winamp myself when I discovered only the 5.3X versions have unicode support!

So I think I can only wait until the day ML_SONY works with Winamp 5.35. I hope it's not too difficult a development from here. Many thanks to the developer(s).

I only started using Winamp to manage my files, switching over from iTunes, due to the latter's proper handling of my Chinese songs and tags. Love the openness and interoperability outside the world of Apple.

So does anyone think we'll see an ML_SONY for Winamp 5.35 anytime soon? Thanks to you all!

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Tadaaa! (or not... ^-^)

the new version of ml_sony is finally there!

Please try it with the latest version of winamp (v5.35)

you can download ml_sony v1.0.4 from : http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=163878

please send some review!

Here is what new :

splatterpop : added compatibility to winamp v5.35

splatterpop : added device auto detection

added : playlist manipulation

send playlist to device (directly from media library)

send songs to playlist (directly from device),

create new playlist,

rename playlist,

remove songs from playlist...

fixed : when displaying playlist the tracknumber indicates the order in the playlist

added : choose path to download the file

fixed : download function failling when tags has character like ? \ / ...

fixed : sending song to the device with no tag was crashing winamp

fixed : columns not showing in the right order

removed : Nocode file is not needed anymore

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I just tested it with Winamp 5.35.

First time around it seemed to work all right, identified the device fine and listed the songs on the device correctly. Adding files, deleting them and adding playlists also went well. But when I tried to play them on my Walkman, it seems the database was corrupted - I got a "NO DATABASE" error. So I reformatted, installed MP3 File Manager and started again from scratch.

I added files with no problem. And now it works well with my NW-E003F and I can confirm it works with Winamp 5.35. Excellent job otias_j, merci beaucoup!

One problem I encountered: I added a playlist and it doesn't show up on my Walkman. I used no funny characters to name it, just letters and two spaces. I removed my device, restarted Winamp and the plugin still thinks the playlist is there (it shows up correctly, with the right songs listed in it), but it doesn't appear under the "Playlists" section on my Walkman.

The songs show up fine, are sortable, etc.

Also a small annoyance: When you select something to be deleted, the current view isn't kept and the list of Artists goes back to the top, and the list underneath it (main viewing area) too, i.e. it all goes back to the default view. Hopefully this is trivial to fix.

Thanks again for devoting your time to this great plugin.

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Hi Otiasj, your plugin is great. It makes the sony players the best on earth!

I have an s703f and with XP-pro and winamp 5.33 can i get the 1.0.3 version to work.

The new version won't work. Not on vista with neither 5.33 and 5.35 and not on XP-pro with both winamp versions. I hope it is helpful for you that i post this bug.

kind regards,


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Hello everyone!,

Astatine : I think I know where the refresh problem is coming from i will try to fix it,

for the playlist problem it's a little bit more complicated.... anyone has the same problem?

Toodlesnot : Thank you for reporting this but I need a little more information...

what is not working? what is happening?

are you sure you set everything correctly?

how did you test this?

let us know :)

Edited by otiasj
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what is not working? ...winamp won't work after installing the plugin

what is happening? ...it says it won't start because of a problem and it will search for a solution

are you sure you set everything correctly? ...yes I installed inamp 5.35 and put the plugin in the plugin directory

how did you test this? ... on Vista Ultimate on a desktop-pc

and maybe some useful additional information. The old version never worked on my vista interface, but it did work on my XP-setup. Whe n I do exactly the same in xp-pro as decribed above, the same problem appears as in vista. (1.0.4 and 5.35)

Edited by Toodlesnot
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Thx for the plugin, it´s really good. Sony owes you a lot of money.

I have a problem with the plugin. Some songs (the few) plays slower than they are, but only in the player. The same problem happened to me when i tried to use the MP3 File Manager alone. I supposed that was a decoding problem so i reencoded the files, but nothing happened. If someone have a clue...

And about the last version.... I have the same problem with the playists. Works fine on Winamp, but doesn't show up on the walkman. I have an NW-S205F.

Thanks again.

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Toodlesnot : a few more questions :)

-Did you try with a newly formatted device?

(you don't have to actually format the device just rename the OMGAUDIO directory, create an new one and an empty 04CNTINF.DAT file in it. if it still won't work you can just rename back your old OMGAUDIO dir)

-When you say winamp does not start, I assume the device is plugged? or won't it even start if a device is not plugged?

Kodaman : When you reencoded the files did you try with a different bitrate? was it VBR or CBR?

the sony players usually only support some specific bitrate.

So when trying to send an unrecognised file, SonicStage will actually reencode it with a different bittrate.

Unfortunately ml_sony can not do that, it will try to send the file anyway, and you might get some songs not working...

Strange problem with the playlist :-( it does work on my NwA1000...

(I suppose the problem is not that, but remember to press the apply button when you have finished creating your playlist)

I will investigate...


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It did try it with a newly formatted device.

Winamp won't even start with the 1.0.4, neither in Vista and XP

With the winamp 5.33 and the old plugin it works fine in XP but not in Vista.

In XP, winamp 5.33 and 1.0.4: - winamp do startup, but it won't find the plugin. When I go to the option menu/plugin, than it won't find ml_sony.

I hope this information is useful.

Do you know if there are s70x users who get the new plugin working?

Do you know if there are Vista users who get the plugin working?

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I think someone made it work with a NW-S705F.

and from what I know about vista you are supposed to run it with administrator rights and you should not have any problem.

"When I go to the option menu/plugin, than it won't find ml_sony."

So from what you are saying the plugin is not even recognised by winamp?

right click on winamp go to options->preferences

in plug-ins : choose media library plugins, ml_sony should be here...

Silly question, what install of winamp did you do? full install? (you need the media library)

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Hello everyone, to make the plugin working with Vista make sure that you open winamp with administrator-rights. In Vista that was my problem with the plugin.

For XP-pro I still don't know what the problem is. 1.0.3 works fine, but 1.0.4 isn't even find as an plugin by winamp. Someone encountered the same problem?

And last question: is there anyone with an s70x that can use the playlist option from the new 1.0.4 plugin? With mine it won't work properly.

At last: Otiasj: thank you very much!

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Toodlesnot, I think the playlists problem is not just specific to you or your walkman model because me and someone else have the same problem with different players.

Otiasj, is there anything we can do to provide more information on what the problem with playlist adding could be?

Edited by astatine
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Just tested the new version with my nw-hd5 and my Windows XP computers at work and home.

It seems to be working very well.

I had it working at work, then took it home and there was a problem with the hd5 after disconnecting .. it corrupted when updating the database.

Just to be sure, I reinstalled winamp 5.35 from the same file as used for work, uninstalled the plug-in and reinstated it.

No problems .. after testing a few tracks, added about 200 in one hit and it coped without any glitches.

it worked fine, and now am back at work and have just added/deleted files without problem.

Well done.

Being able to nominate a directory for downloads is a small but extremely useful upgrade.

I love my hd5, and now with this plugin and no sonicstage, I am a very happy man.

Thanks again.

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Hello everyone,

Astatine, Toodlesnot :

Does one of you still have sonicstage?

I would like you to do the following :

0) rename your OMGAUDIO directory to OMGAUDIO2

create a new OMGAUDIO directory and the 04CNTINF.DAT file in it

1) with ml_sony :

- Transfert a few songs (3 different songs with different album/artist would be good),

- create a playlist add the songs to it

- and apply.

- Make a zip of your Omgaudio directory

- delete this OMGAUDIO directory from your device

2) with sonicstage :

- launch sonicstage and try sending the same songs and create the same playlist

- Make a zip of your Omgaudio directory

- delete this OMGAUDIO directory from your device

3) rename the old OMGAUDIO2 to OMGAUDIO and you should be back to normal.

contact me when you have the 2 zip file and I will pm you with instruction to send them to me.

To everyone :

Please report as soon as you can if the playlist works correctly with your device (indicate the device)

Thank you for your support!

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WONDERFUL! It works very fine for me! eu..I had to make a clean install to make it. but even the playlist works!!

deleted hold OMGAUDIO, made a new one and a new 04ctinf..dat

SO It's ROXX for me me with XP, winamp 5.35 and ml_sony 1.04!! And my device is a NW-1200

Here it is!

again thx a lot otiasj......... :clover:


Ps: hey otias ca crain ! je peux pas changer l'icon de ma playlist ds mon lecteur! bouuuuuuuu ;) hihi

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OK cool, I'll do that. Shall I email the zips to you, where we emailed you stuff before (yahoo address)?

Also I found a bug. I created a new Media Library playlist and put songs in there in order to keep track of what I'm putting on my Walkman. Dragging them from the playlist to the Walkman item under "Devices" causes Winamp to exit immediately with no warning. This doesn't happen when dragging and dropping from, say, "Audio" or "Most Played". Right clicking the items in the playlist and going via the "Send To" route works normally.

Another bug: I added some songs from "Audio" (by dragging them onto the Walkman item) but then changed my mind and right-clicked the song (with an M next to it) and chose "delete from device". Obviously it's not on the device yet, but doing this caused Winamp to exit immediately without warning.

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I spoke too soon.

Am having problems when transferring files.

The files transfer ok, but then winamp crashes during the database update.

The player then shows only those files updated on database before the crash.

Seems to only happen when transferring with large numbers of tracks.

Has been fine when uploading an album (say 10-20 tracks at a time.

The last time it crashed was when attempting to upload 230 tracks.

Is there a limit to number of tracks per upload?

Or is is because there is a track within that batch that causes it?

I am using xp, winamp 5.35 and and nw-hd5.

Any comments greatly appreciated.

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Firstly thanks otiasj for the update to this awesome plugin. You don't know how much headache you've saved me over the years!

I added your new version of ml_sony and updated winamp to 5.35. All was working fine deleting and added some new albums, the unplugged my hd5 and database updated but quite a few of my albums just completley vanished. Very strange. I re-added them and got one winamp crash, did it again with the same albums and all was fine. Seems like there is a few gremlins somewhere along the line, perhaps my database is starting to screw up again...

Anyway I'll keep an eye on it, but just added a further 150 songs with no problems whatsoever!

thanks again

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mdandmp : probably one file tag is not supported, and screws up the database writing,

check the log file at c:\ml_sony.log

Or there is not any space left to write the database.

Cautious : I know ml_sony has some problem when adding, deleting then adding again.

It will be fixed when I pass to the new library

Sorry I am pack at work for at least 2 weeks, I won't be able to work on this for a while :(

see ya

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Thanks for the response .. that makes sense.

I had forgotted about the log file.

What I did in the meantime was try and transfer some files using mp3 file manager.

It did it, but showed the album name as garbled characters.

I then downloaded a new copy of the file manager, reformatted the hd, loaded it and started again.

It all seems to be working fine.

Does ml_sony use file manager with the hd5 ? Could a corrupt fm have caused the problem?

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Otiasj, thanks for that.

I have installed a cut down version of winamp on the sony and am running that to transfer mp3s from/to home and work computers.

So far .. so good.

Also checked it on a computer I had never used before that did not have winamp installed, and it worked fine.

I really appreciate the work you have put into this.

It really makes the device usable.



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A million thankyous! I've just downloaded v1.0.4 and it works a treat with my NW-S703F walkman, you have saved me from the torment and hell that is sonicstage! Last week that damned piece of sony poo-poo software rubbished the drivers for my DVD burner, how is that even possible?

Anyway, just to say a million thankyous again for an excellent piece of work!

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Hello, I just downloaded and installed ML_SONY today and I tried adding mp3 files to my NW-HD5. The files add properly in Winamp and I pressed apply and it all went alright but when I disconnect the mp3 player, while it's creating the database it says "mismatch in system files". I was wondering why I get this error and how I would be able to fix this. Thankyou so much in advance.

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