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Sony PCM-M10 audio recorder

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Could it be that Sony is under some form of renaissance?

I'll let the link do the talkin'

Needless to say, I was tempted to buy another PCM-D50 so my current one wouldn't get lonely, but this will have to do :)

I'll let your collective jaws drop after seeing what's coming. I knew something was coming because many stores were offering a 'free' bundled accessory with the PCM-D50 to move stock that little bit more quickly, and it looks like this is it.

Speaking of the PCM-D50, I added a whole bunch of pics at the end of this thread in case anyone is curious. I'm expecting more of the same goodness in the newie.

Edit: oh look, a video :)


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It's great isn't it...

I think it's definitely their first portable recorder to support an SD derivative, yes. I would like to think our rants were finally heard! Woohoo. I actually feel good about Sony once more (will their video cameras follow? - 'cause their DSLRs have had CompactFlash and now SD, too).

They have a dedicated folder button on this unit. They renamed DIVIDE back to T-Mark (MiniDisc-esque). They have a dedicated DELETE button and the MENU button is gone, seemingly replaced with that FOLDER button. The integrated mics are likely non-movable unlike the PCM-D50 and it doesn't look like there will be optical in or out on this one. So they are adding to the range rather than replacing models.

I didn't manage to see the volume dial, though (and will it have a great headphone amp like the PCM-D50? - I hope so)

Many people wanted something smaller (including me), so it's good to see their flash-based recorders get some more attention (and compete better with lower-priced competition). I wonder how many AAs it will take. My guess is it might still be four.

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News just to hand:

the unit will be selling for $299

Excellent value (if it is what I think it is).

Cutting down some of the more esoteric features (optical, movable mics) seems to have resulted in a nice slot, price-wise. Sony should clean up with this model, I think. Pretty aggresively going at the market at last. I can't help but be encouraged by this news. Does it show? :)

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