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Old units, new sound

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I've been away for a while now, but decided to come back just to take a looks/see. I've been using my MZ-RH10 and MZ-RH1 for a few years now and have been very, very happy with them. The RH10 still gets used about 98% of the time and the RH1 gets used whenever I need to do a recording. My last recording was, in my eyes, a failure since I didn't capture the last 3 songs of a concert (obviously the most famous songs). I got the rest of the concert in PCM and sounds fantastic.

Anyway, I've already mentioned I use the RH10 most often. I wanted to keep the RH1 safe and sound since it'll need to last basically until I'm done with the format. I decided to use my RH1 in the car yesterday. I played a mindisc I normally played on the RH10. The first song was off a CD I had put in. The bass and the treble were incredible. Then I played a song that came from an MP3. Again, I was blown away. The music was very detailed and I heard highs that normally don't come through the RH10 because of the flaw it has with MP3's and high notes. I felt the RH1 was like listening to a brand new player and a new found friend. It's fantastic.

So, if you're still entrenched in MD's like I am and you're using an older player, you deserve to treat yourself to an RH1. It's definitely worth listening to it. I was going to buy a X-series or S-series MP3 player, but after hearing the RH1, I don't think I'll be in such a rush any longer.

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Without meaning to sounds like a muppet, MDC? Amazon drops them at 270, and I haven't found much cheaper elsewhere. 190 is a bit more palletable.

MDC is minidisc canada, goes by another name now, but google Minidsc Canada, will get to the site, occasionally they have 700's and M300's, but you have mics already,


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