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SI: Some Upcoming Sony Blu-ray Movies To Include PSP Digital Copies

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Sony Pictures Home Entertainment has announced that they will be adding digital copies of movies compatible with the PSP on future Blu-ray releases. The digital copies will not be playable on PCs or other digital devices, the studio said. So, future Blu-ray releases from Sony could have not one digital copy, but two – one for your PC, one for your PSP. Pretty wild. The first Blu-ray Disc titles containing the digital copies are slated to appear Nov. 10 and include “Godzilla” and “The Ugly Truth.” Consumers will be able to transfer the digital copy of the movie to the PSP via the Blu-ray drive on a PS3. What’s bothersome however is that there is no word if this feature is available for standalone Blu-ray players. Also, I was wondering – is this what Sony was hinting at back during CES 2008?

“This latest enhancement to Blu-ray and Digital Copy demonstrates the versatility of the format and its ability to deliver a multi-platform video experience,” said Rich Marty, VP of new business development at Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. “It also showcases the unique advantage that the PlayStation 3 brings to the Blu-ray consumer.”

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