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Problem transferring Net-MD tracks to PC/CD

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I am a bit embarrassed coz I have been asked something about minidisc and I have no idea how to deal with the request - perhaps you can help me, please.

I have been given a load of standard MDs and asked to copy them to CD.

Alright I thought I can do that.

I launched SS3.4 inserted the MD but it wouldn't read the MD complaining about Net-MD...whatever that is. And refused to copy/transfer the tracks to my PC.

The MDs were made a while back using the DJ's Stack.

They play alright on my various MD players but I cannot see how to get the music onto my hard drive.

I hope you can understand what I am saying. I have never come across Net-MD before.

Any ideas please.


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The Short answer is that you can't do what you are trying to do unless you are using the Sony MZ-RH1, which was the last Hi-MD unit released by Sony and the only one which allows uploading of 'legacy' discs such as the ones you have been given.

You can of course connect your player to the line in of your computer and record in real time using something like Audacity, but that that could be a long job if you have a number of discs to transfer.

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The only "decent" way to extract these tracks (except with MZ-RH1, and even that is not guaranteed if they were put there by the USB-based software SonicStage to begin with) is by optical out from an MD deck. You need a particular type of deck (one that supports MDLP and has an opti-out connector). In addition you may well need one that PREdates NetMD, otherwise you may run into some silly restrictions Sony added.

Models include JE640, JB940, and a few others. You can research this in the equipment browser at


If the tracks are not in MDLP, ie SP, then ANY MD deck with opti-out will do. Should be way better than using line out, as it avoids hum/ground loops.

Oh yes, one more thing, this route will require a sound card on your PC with optical in.

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Hello coral, thanks for the tip.

Tell me, when playing a minidisc with say twenty tracks will your software know when and where to place the splits between tracks. Coz the play back will sound seamless/gapless. Surely the software will notice the end of one track and the beginning of the next.

Please don't tell me I have to stand over the recording and faff about with stop and restart at each and ever track. I'll be there all day.

And I certainly don't want one huge hour long wav or flac file.

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