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SI: Sony NWZ-S745 16GB Walkman For Sale In Canada – Is USA Next?

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Sony has really confused me with their Walkman strategy in 2009 – the consistency is available models is simply confusing. In Japan (and most of Asia Pacific), Sony is offering their most advanced line up to date with the latest A and S series models to compliment its E, W and X series offerings. In Europe, Sony offers the B, E, S, W and X series – the S series is the lower end model with a built in speaker. In the USA, Sony offers the E, S (same as Europe), W, and X series. However, it appears that SonyStyle Canada is breaking the mold and offering the more advanced S series that is only available in Asia Pacific – the NWZ-S745.

Is it possible that Sony will introduce this model for US consumers during CES? It’s hard to tell, but it seems possible. If not, perhaps later in the Spring. The NWZ-S745 is the most feature rich S series to date, with a 2.0″ QVGA LCD, noise canceling technology, video out (SD only and a low resolution), clear bass/clear stereo, and satisfying codec support. It is more interesting to me than the current S series Walkman available in the USA, which has somewhat powerful built-in speakers, good storage capability, but has mostly average features.

Thanks, Anything But iPod.

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