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FS: Mz-M200

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Indeed it does. Just this morning I checked out Amazon.com, and the prices of a 5-pack of Sony Premium Gold Series blank MiniDiscs went up from $16.00 to almost $40.00 per 5-pack. It's a good thing I got my blank arsenal stocked up last week.

The same thing has skyrocketed for players and recorders too, I wouldn't doubt if the RH1, the consumer identical twin version of the M200 has also gone up as well. Good thing I got my 3 RH1 units earlier this past year.

Better start snagging up whatever remaining blanks and recorders and players (both MD and Hi-MD) there are left, I'll bet by the 1st of the new year that players will carry a premium price tag nearly twice their original MSRP.

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I had Bought brand new.I am the original owner. Used approximately 15 hours or less. Works Superb!! but just don't haven't found any time anymore to listen or record.

The Minidisc is in beautiful LIKE New condition and I haven't even removed the display screen protector that it came with.

Original Accessories: manual, software CD, the USB cable for charging, battery, remote, headphones, 1-1GB HiMD disc, carrying case and microphone.

Asking $300.00 (Free USPS shipping)

Will accept payment through paypal only.

US only.

Please send me a message.

Thanks For looking

good luck, but you are shooting yourself in the foot with paypal and US only,



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