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FS MZ-RH1 (2) Silver (Brand New) & Black (Used) & MORE

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UPDATE: Auction Ended. I am no longer selling anymore of my gear! I am not done with MiniDiscs yet! Huzzah!






A list of the items:

1 MZ-RH1 (Silver) Brand New - I only took it out of the box to make sure it could receive power. This was to be my back up if my Black RH1 ever kicked the bucket! Box and all original items included.

1 MZ-RH1 (Black) Used - Minor scuffs on the top. Perfect working condition. I have the Tetrax vent mounting hardware adhered to the back which you can remove with some heat! I would leave it on and enjoy the Tetrax XWAY Line - Navigator device which is included! Box and all, but original headphones included.

1 Tetrax XWAY Line - Navigator http://www.tetrax.us...x_prodotti.html

Tetra GEO incorporates magnets and reinforced clips in a thermoplastic structure designed to support the majority of satellite navigators currently available on the market.

This practical, lightweight, low volume model allows the driver to interact with the navigator in total safety without obscuring visibility.


2 RM-MC40ELK -- Originally supplied with MZ-NH700 (WM), MZ-NH900 (WM), MZ-NH1 (JP), & MZ-NH3D (JP). The RM-MC40ELK is a new style 3 line high-resolution LCD remote with kanji/kana text support. 1st line displays group/disc info, 2nd line displays track number and time elapsed. Narrow text allows 12 character (roman) displays on 3rd line. Special rocker switch at the bottom of remote allows browsing tracks |<>|, || function when pushed in, from the right is the stop/cancel button, and volume +/- buttons. There's a jog dial on the front of the remote; allowing menu functions, et al. (1 is in perfect working condition and the other is missing a couple bars)

1 RM-MC55ELK -- supplied with D-NE920, D-NE20. The RM-MC55ELK has backlight option and supports kanji/kana, hangul (korean) character compatibility, 16-18 roman character display and 9 multi-language character display. It has special animations when starting-up, and accessing/editing sound-modes. "scroll-type" level w/ corresponding button on the left side of remote allows quick access of functions such as sound, menu, play mode, et al. Right side has new 'search' button. Volume knob +/- is separate from reverted-style of the +/- group folder, |<>| twist knob; twist knob similar to 11EL rocker switch -- group folder: left, |<>|: right. Stop and play/pause button below 'search' button. New-style 360° alligator clip. HOLD switch to the left of the clip. (Brand New)

*the MC5x series is quite possibly the most technical remote in terms of features, improved LCD, and ergonomics.

1 RM-MC38EL -- Same features as the MC33EL, with the addition to a Hi-MD input on the LCD; should work with supported Network WALKMAN and ATRAC Discman devices alike.

1 RM-MC37LT --

Redesigned 2002 in-line Stick Remote with built-in radio

Easy access to volume control and other functions

Light weight and compact size

For Sony portable MiniDisc recorders MZ-NF610 and MZ-NF810CK only(radio function may not work with other Sony portable MiniDisc models)

Cord length: 0.8m

2 RM-MZR50 -- Included with the MZ-RH1. I forgot to picture the other one, but it is included!

1 ECM-DS70P Microphone

Quality microphone for digital media recording; ideal for DAT, NT and MD recorders

Plug-in power operation

Uni-directional recording to capture stereo sound

Gold-plated contacts for sure connection

1 meter long cord (3' 3")

2 Rechargeable Gumstick Batteries Brand New

1 Bryco MDP-80 Portable MiniDisc Storage Case for up to 80 MiniDiscs - High Impact Plastic & Cordura Carrying Case


Durable high impact molded plastic with black finish

Each unit holds up to 80 MiniDiscs

Heavy duty ballistic Cordura carrying case


Dimensions: 17-3/4" x 8" x 3-1/2"

1 Zen 24 MiniDisc Storage Case

1 Case Logic Universal MP3 Travel Case

Product Features

Soft-sided travel kit holds your MP3 player, cords, docking station, earbuds and more

Earbud wrap helps to prevent tangled headphones

Multiple accessory pockets store all your cords and chargers

Easy access compartment on front of case lets you listen to your MP3 player while traveling

Zippered closure prevents small items from falling out

1 Mondified Sony Armband I added an elastic armbad and cut off some stuff to make it less bulky.

10 Zen Clear MD Cases

16 SONY HMD-1G Brand New - 1GB!

3 HHB MD 80min Professional MiniDisc Brand New - My personal fave. I call them the "Purple Monsters!" Retains the information for at least 40 years!

6 Sony MD80 Brand New - Premium Gold

39 Assorted used and unsued but opened MD's

1 Oasis - Be Here Now Album

1 Oasis - What's Your Story Morning Glory Album

1 Sleepless in Seattle Original Soundtrack - Great movie and OST! Word!

1 TDK MD Head Cleaner

1 TDK MD Lens Cleaner

And software, power chords, and usb chords, and all that other jazz!

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