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SI: Sony 2009 Blu-ray Players and HT Goes Blue Too

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Ever heard of Wi-Fi enabled Blu-ray player? Well Sony has one! BDP-S560 has 802.11a/b/g/n connectivity with easy set up connection to your network will enable you to access extra BD-Live content as well as additional scenes, short subjects, trailers, interactive games, and more. Any firmware updates can also be taken care of through wireless or the wired network in your house, as of course the network port is also there. BDP-S360 a lower end model will do everything the above model does sans wireless networking. Both players offer pretty much full HD 1080/60p and 24p True Cinema™ output, decode the latest advanced audio codecs, and are BD-Live capable with your broadband internet connection and purchase of external memory. DLNA is also a part of the new features that will help you with sharing your photoes on your network (not sure what happened to music and video sharing there?).


Two new Home Theater solutions are also for your grabs: BDV-E300 and BDV-E500W. The models are BD-Live capable and support the latest advanced audio codecs including 7.1 channel Dolby

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