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Sony NWZ-E443

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I don't mind guiding people to other forums or websites, but I do want to reinforce that we love to discuss Sony audio products here at THESE forums. It hurts my feelings if you tell people to go somewhere else. How will we ever grow that way?

Anyway, Darkside was alluding to a conversation that basically took place in this topic at anythingbutipod. However, the conclusion is basically that no one has any solution for you. Apparently you can go into the service mode and hike up the EQ and so forth, but even that doesn't seem like much help.

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I too have an EU walkman and maximum volume is pretty crap to say the least.

I overcame this problem with a FiiO E5 headphone amp and L5 line out cable.

The L5 plugs into any walkman with a WM-Port.

The sound is much louder and cleaner than the walkmans internal amp.

It's sad that it's come to this for EU consumers but at least I now have to the freedom to deafen myself as I see fit.


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