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FS: Sony MZ-N505 NetMD Type-R

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  • MZ-N505 NetMD Minidisc Type-R Player/Recorder with regular AA battery
  • MZ-N505 Owners Manual
  • USB cable
  • Sony MDR-828 earphones
  • 5 used Memorex 80min minidiscs

SonicStage software can be downloaded from the Sony website. This unit is compatible with any version of SonicStage. Everything works! Asking for $35 shipped to the United States only. Unit records in ATRAC SP Type-R, LP2 and LP4 using Optical/Line Input. Unit records via USB transfer in LP2/LP4. No microphone input. Feel free to ask questions. Let me know if you want to buy. Thanks.

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Is that the standard MZ-RH1 remote? The link to the hack says you must use a an R900 remote and it's not the RM-38EL.

At the time the hack was written, probably the R900 remote was different from what came before it. It was the first MDLP machine.

I tested it today with the RM-38EL. It worked.

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Use an "ordinary" remote (LCD) like the RM-38EL. Follow the instructions on p.37 of the R900 manual.


Hey, thanks Stephen. I was able to adjust the treble controls. The factor settings for treble are 0, but now they can be increased to +3. Do you think these hidden features on my unit would make it sell higher on ebay?

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