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Anything through Optical?

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DL Smith

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I found an optical digital lead and minijack adaptor, so thought I would try some digital recording on my MZ-RH10.

My primary goal is to be able to pull sound tracks off of a number of music DVDs that I own. I know I can record via analog inputs but I was hoping the auto track features of Synchro Record would make things easier.

I connected to a Samsung BluRay player and went into Sychro record mode. I got the message NO DIGITAL COPY which I take as running into SCMS restrictions. Well I tried 3 DVDs an SACD and a regular CD. All played on the BluRay play but none would record (as consolation the recorder recorded 3 seconds of silence every time I stopped the subject disc!).

Is this the way it is? Will every disc have SCMS problems? Is there any way to really record a digital input or is this essentially a useless feature?

I may just go back to my Tascam DR-07 for all my recording. Much easier.

David S

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It's not the recorder's fault.

I have several DVD players that do NOT put out SCMS. BluRay and HD is ALL ABOUT DRM and restrictions, sorry. So the Bluray player will be (restricted). I think this is one reason for the push to HD.

Suggest you get an amp with optical in and record from the analog out of that.

OR practise DVD ripping properly. I can find you some refs and you can pirate away to hearts' content :)

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Thanks Guru,

So you are saying the discs might allow copying but the player is changing SCMS bits? I think that particular Samsung is my only player with optical out.

I have ripped DVDs but it is a lot of work, including sample rate conversion and some audio editing. One reason to go back to a PCM output was that I am trying to get the music only parts off of a Yellow Submarine DVD. I couldn't find them in a ripped DVD.

Anybody else have any luck with digital recording via optical from DVDs?


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I had some success through another route.

I used my laptop computer as DVD player and got an optical output via an external sound card (Audigy 2NX). So you were right that it was a BluRay player problem rather than a minidisc problem.

Other observations: don't use Sychro record as a DVD doesn't have tracks the same as a CD. It didn't put any track splits in, other than one in the middle of the first song (that now has a 2 second gap there). After the whole disc was finished I went through and manually inserted track splits.



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maybe the blue ray player is not set to output pcm. maybe the output codec is something else

Good point.

If you happen to plug it into my receiver (an Onkyo) it generally tells you what it is receiving. There may be other ways you can find out, but looking at configuration for the unit might be a jolly good start.

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