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NWZ-S755 Service Menu

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Thank you very much for the fast reply :)

The combination works fine on the s755.

I removed the limit on my old NWZ-A3000, but i'm definitely not an expert in this volume buisness.

I have compared the settings in the EU s755 with the settings in my Japanese A847 (wich have no vol limit),

and the only thing that differs is in the AUDIO →SN. On the A847 it says "HP OUT [Vol 30] and on the s755

it says "HP OUT [Vol 25].

I would think it was in the AUDIO →MAXOUT i should change something, but it says the same on both :


1khz 0dbs L/Rch

HPOUT [Vol: 30]


Do you know what i should look for in the service menu

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hmm hellow again, I was wondering if you could provide photos of both the A-series and S-series in their respective menus with the settings which you mentioned, since I do not own either model and I don't think this works on the X series, because it is hard to see anything if I do not have the device in front of me.

btw please be careful with this since it might brick your player if you are not too careul

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much appreciated for the photos, I was wondering if you can change the AUDIO --> SN one from 25 to 30? because if you can perhaps this is what is needed to be changed. Since reading the service manual it appears one can change it.

again I caution you here, if the device breaks or stops working I take no responsibility :P

btw some users have reported that the radio now is only like the Japanese one with freq up to 90 not the full 108 one for EU, so if get this problem then it worked but before this happens the radio should stop working, a reset should fix this.

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Dont worry. I take full responsibility :D

Thanks for the advices.

I think SN is the signal to noise ratio as you mentioned.

I can not change it. In fact i can not change anything.

I hope there is a solution, but maybe the EU models are not made to play any louder.

Seems wierd if they, first make the most fantastic mp3 players, and then

put some unremoveable vol limit in, to sort of destroy it :(

Have seen many people searching for solution for this problem, some succed, some don't.

I will recommend everybody to buy Sony MP3's, 'cause there the best B) , but buy a japanese one on


Thats far out :D

btw, people who thinks of doing that , the menus are in japanese,but you will easily get used to it.

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Yes, but it seems to be just sending a test signal, and i'm not able to change the volume.

When i'm in the mentioned settings these commands : ↑ ,↓, Vol↑, Vol↓ and →, do nohing.

← changes test signal for Lineout and pressed again test signal for Speaker.

The reason i'm a little pessimistic on this is that the settings seems to be the same as

on a non vol limited player.

Oh,now we're getting somewhere. I just read up on the limit removing on my old A3000 here :

My link

and it says change "AUDO→Other→SP SET(Sound Pressure Regulation Settings) from ON to Off.

This worked on the A3000 way back then, and when i look in the s755 it's "ON" and on the a847 it's "OFF"

(see attached images)

I can change the "ON" to "OFF" on s755 and "OFF" to "ON" on a847, with the OPTION key, but when pressing

BACK key and going in to the same settings, it's gone back to the original settings. I've tried to push the PLAY

button to confirm my choice too but it dosn't, unfortunately, change the fact that it's going back to original setting.

I think it must be this i have to change......



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Hi again.

trust me i tried it :) but when i change it to off i cant confirm the my change, it only changes in the bottom off the screen, in the middle of the display it keeps saying " CEW [sPS: ON] " (see picture 2 in post #10)

The CEW thing is the region i think.(Central, Eastern, Western (Europe))..

That setting is in "OTHER→DEST. But it is the same thing as with the "SPSET". I can change it with the OPTION key, but

it only changes in the bottom of the screen, and i cant comfirm it, therefore going back in menu and return to the OTHER→DEST it's still CEW.(same goes for the japanese model. It's just J and [sPS: OFF]. It's not changeable.)

The service manual says following : "Note: Not used for the servicing"..under both DEST and SPSET settings. I think maybe that means it's not possible to change?:(

I read somewhere that on Sandisk players you change region to remove the vol limit.

Maybe Mr. Sony made a secret combination to put in with the hold buttom set to on? Maybe he just sits back and laugh at all us Europeans?

I would root, crack, hack the player to get that stupid volume cap go away.

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I just got one of these about 2 weeks ago, seems that setting items is not possible unless you know the combination.

I found that to get out of some menus you had to set hold ON before pressing "back". But no way to change any items. Presumably the way to get a setting to stick is a standard trick we do not know yet.

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good evening from Greece..(my english are not so good..)

i have NWZ-S755 and i have the same problem with you...very low limit...anything new about how to remove E.U. limitations??

it`a great player and i want to unlock it before i drop it..

after format i lose the 3 videos and pictures for the background..are there any links to downloaded from youtube??? or can someone send it to me by email???

thank you...

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My old Sony S639F doesn't have the EU volume limit cap even though it is the EU model as it was bought in the UK. When I go to the service mode and go to "Other" then SPSET it tells me EU (SPS:OFF). On my new Sony S754 and A845 there seems to be the volume limit cap as its set to CEW (SPS:ON). This means that Sony Walkman DAPs sold in the EU in and after 2010 have the volume limit cap. The Sony DAPs sold in europe before 2010 don't have the volume limit cap. The volume at 20 on my old Sony S639F is equalivent to the maximum volume of 30 on my new Sony S754 and A845 DAPs. So my advice is that if anyone in the EU wants a loud Sony DAP then buy an old pre2010 model or the American/Asian current model off eBay. If anyone cannot get those models and have to make do with Sony's terrible EU volume limit cap then I highly recommend the purchase of the Fiio E5 amplfier to run Sony's new EU volume limit capped DAPs.

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