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SI: Sony VAIO Concept Notebooks at CES

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It’s not very often you would see Sony show off its future concept ideas for their VAIO line up, however this time they made an exception and brought 2 models to tease us. In our opinion however those two models seemed more of a pre-production type products rather than concept per say that usually may stay in R&D lab and never see the light on a shelf of a store.

At this point there were no model identifiers or model numbers found on these VAIOs, but we can speculate the following:


The 13 inch model that really stood out looks like to be a a successor to S series (SA/SB series) or a VAIO Z replacement, as we saw similar Graphic button switch and the overall feel of it was of a high-end premium VAIO.

From CES 2011

This particular model will be featuring a “sheet battery” that will double its life cycle. Think of sheet battery as a VAIO X extended battery that covered the whole bottom of the notebook, however the new design is much thinner and snaps onto the bottom of the notebook seamlessly.

From CES 2011
From CES 2011

Sheet batteries can be charged separately with an adapter. We also spotted an actual model number of the sheet battery that read: VGP-BPSC24.

From CES 2011

At this point we don’t know what this VAIO be rocking under its hood however expect a USB 3.0 and the latest Intel CPU and a backlit keyboard with improved touch pad and bigger touch left and right buttons.

From CES 2011

The 14 inch model looks to be in the range of VAIO C/E series with its translucent, neon-colored plastic and had and much more rounded front and back edges. The model will most likely have second generation Core Intel chip.

From CES 2011

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